State of Love and
Trust and Stars

Who are we? Are we those participants in the sea of red? What are we celebrating it for?

Is it really regardless of race, language, or religion? Do we feel like we are one united people? Or is it just another public holiday? Why do some of us leave the country on the most patriotic day of the year?

State of Love and Trust and Stars (SLTS) is an event that aims to reposition and question the concept of the grand national narrative that is our National Day Parade. Mass and extravagant performances, harmonious social messaging, issues of national security, and top-down secular rituals; the parade is the largest public display of shared national consciousness. But how much of our so-called republic identifies with this uber-celebrated version?

SLTS is a gathering of artists, actors, and musicians, coming together for a singular purpose of finding commonality between identity and belonging. Through the exhibit of fanfare, theatrical dances, and an offbeat party, the event reveals the symptoms of an internalised parade that have been instilled—perhaps unknowingly—over 53 years.

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About the Parade Commander

Rizman Putra graduated with Master of Arts (Fine Arts) from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2007, and has been actively straddling between performance, visual arts and music for the last decade. Winner of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (JCCI) Singapore Foundation Arts Award 2005, Rizman is a co-founder of the now dissolved arts collective, Kill Your Television (KYTV), as well as front man for an indie music group, Tiramisu. Rizman has also performed and exhibited his works in Australia, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and Vietnam. Rizman was one of the four artists selected for the President’s Young Talents Exhibition (2005), as well as being included in the Fukuoka Triennale (2005). He received the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s (RMIT) Most Outstanding Award 2002-2003. He exhibited his works at the inaugural Singapore Biennale 2006. Rizman is currently an Associate Artist with Cake Theatrical Productions.

3 August 2019

SLTS is a free, one-day, indoor and outdoor, lifestyle event with musical, dance, and theatrical performances, and roving DJs acts. Curated by Rizman Putra, the alternative national day parade features artists, actors, and musicians such as Syimah Sabtu Collective, DJ Itch, Vinyl Heavy, and Syndicate, and more.

Admission is free but limited. Register here.