Space Oddities

“Can you see that star to the left of Mars?
It’s a whole new galaxy
Where you are the star, find out
who you are
Or live out your fantasy…
Space Disco, Space Disco
You can Dance all night
At the speed light
In your own private satellite
Space Disco, Space Disco”

—Dick Lee,
Space Disco

From Lee to Lefebvre, Bhabha to Soja, many have concerned themselves with the spatiality of human life, and the complex relations to which each environ is subject. Navigating the margins between power relations and cultural difference, Space Oddities gestures to the spaces known as alter, inter, or in-between, which exist—or persist—alongside what Bhabha refers to as ‘the spirit of alternate or otherness’, where their occupants contour themselves into shapes and postures—less easily definable than the discourse they may represent, or participate in.

Zhiyi Cao and Divaagar articulate such a contouring—of subcultures and minority communities, of being disavowed and disallowed. Negotiating how the need for space is, so very often, not met with permissiveness but deeper than that, denied legitimacy, their works enact the in-betweenness inherent within systems of encounter in posture and place.

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About the Artists

Zhiyi Cao is an artist based in Singapore. Through her multi-disciplinary practice with a focus in film, she reflects upon millennial expositions and exigencies, seeking to exercise strategic complicity with the narrative she creates. In doing so, she hopes to dissolve the distinction between fact and fiction, subject and object. The negotiation of critical reflection and ambivalence in her works forms the core of her methodology and format of production. Some of her research interests include the conditions of labour in the creative regime, the myth of co-working spaces and youngster’s love stories

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Divaagar is a visual artist whose practice explores the relationships between desires and spaces through installations, space-making and performances. He works at the intersections of bodies, identities and environments, proposing alternative economies and ecologies through engaging with localities, methods of display and re-routing gazes.

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Exhibitions Opening Hours:
19 July–4 August 2019
Tuesday to Sunday, 12pm–8pm

Download the e-catalogue here.