The Salon des Refusés was a famed exhibition of works rejected by the authorising Paris Salon in 1863. Inspired by a recent rejection, The Substation commemorates SNF2019 with a celebration of rejection.

If you’ve ever submitted a painting for a prize or show and been rejected, WE WANT YOU! If you’ve ever submitted a proposal to an organisation (The Substation included) and been rejected, We want YOU!*

Starting with our 大老板 (dàlǎobǎn—big boss in Mandarin), Alan Oei, three-time reject of UOB’s Painting of the Year, who will contribute one work to Rejects, we humbly (and saltily) invite other sufferers to commiserate with us.

In the spirit of the Salon, all artworks are to be put up for sale, with 100% of the proceeds going to the artist.

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29 to 31 August 2019

29 August, Thursday (Opening reception):
6 to 9pm
30 & 31 August, Friday & Saturday (NightFest):
12 to 11pm

Applications now closed.

Thank you for your interest! All accepted applications will be notified by 8 August 2019.

Email questions to (we are NO LONGER accepting submissions!).


  • 8 August:
    ALL rejects receive acceptance letters
  • 13 August:
    Logistics and delivery confirmation for those contributing physical works
  • 19 August:
    All works to have arrived at The Substation
  • 29-31 August:
  • 2 September:
    Alas! Reclaim all rejected works!