The infamous and omnipresent format of a Masterplan is the Singaporean government’s infrastructural guide to the developmental needs of a public space over a period of time. In a somewhat similar vein, The Substation’s Guide to Making A Public Square focuses on developing a conversation of inclusive, sustainable, concerned, and critical programmes about issues of public spaces—and spheres. Through the language and layers of public parks and squares, A Public Square addresses communities and imagines amenities for all to enjoy.

Release a Masterplan highlighting the institution’s grand designs

Inaugurate the space by naming what doesn’t actually belong to you

Activate the space by inviting communities to roost

Highlight the grey areas of “public” space by inviting alter-communities to permeate

Throw a sonorous party for the underground

Celebrate the “national” narrative to rally the masses

Drive community engagement initiatives to involve the public

Now that everyone’s pleased, mobilise the masses for the elections

Erect public art as evidence of creative and cultural vibrancy

Reinforce your grand narrative by referencing a historical event to incite nostalgia