Vulnerability and Resistance by Jaclyn Chong

CCP participant Jaclyn Chong grapples with the feminist qualities emerging from her project and resolves to take agency over her performing body as an act of rebellion against power structures that seek to alienate and repress female bodies.

Another Merdeka is Possible by Sharaad Kuttan

In his second piece for GRC, Sharaad Kuttan reviews Merdeka, Wild Rice’s latest offering by Alfian Sa’at and Neo Hai Bin. Unpacking the histories of decolonisation in the region alongside the historical vignettes re-enacted and referenced in the play, Sharaad questions the ongoing drive to decolonise, (staged) acts of historical relativism, and what remains of the national narrative.

space. by Kristian-Marc James Paul

As we come to the midpoint of the Concerned Citizens Programme, participant Kristian-Marc James Paul mulls over the numerous possibilities in which he can consolidate and present his research on masculinity, and opens up about the challenges in organising safe spaces for inclusive dialogue.

Passion Made Plausible: Hearing the Case of the (Singapore) Busker by Alfonse Chiu

In his second GRC piece, Alfonse Chiu deconstructs performativity—of an ostensibly passionate public, and the reality of regulations that corral the humble street performer. Tracing the ethos of street performance alongside the state’s designs on a cultural economy, Alfonse contextures an aural fabric of what is creatively permissible and marketable in this global arts city.

Planet Earth is Blue and there’s nothing I can do by Akanksha Raja

In her second piece, GRC writer Akanksha Raja discusses the Singapore Climate Rally—a decidedly non-protest held last month in Hong Lim Park—to address this generation’s approach to the larger, geopolitical conversation on climate crisis, as well as the ambivalent responses from our local public. Positing notions of what advocacy and activism could mean in a place like this, she asks where the public and pragmatic coincide.