When A Hundred Publics Bloom, Watch Out! by Sharaad Kuttan

For his first GRC piece, Sharaad Kuttan muses on the circumstance for conversation—through his work, political context, and life—and how its curation sets the scene for the forum of the public. In a world devoid long of objective truth, Sharaad posits how one—individual or institution, alike—might bridge the yawning distances between us by considering the hows and whys of talking to each other.

Hands by Kristian-Marc James Paul

Kristian-Marc James Paul, one of six selected participants from the Concerned Citizens Programme, reflects on the embodiment of privilege and the materiality of oppression and violence.

Art Exploring the Online Space by Reena Devi

Through her review of the exhibition Chinternet Ugly, Reena Devi delves into the layers and domains of the seemingly endless space known as the Internet. Exploring how the artists navigate and negotiate contemporary life in relation to the complexities of China’s digital realm, she projects artistic possibilities in a future perfect Singapore.