FaceLift is a public art initiative that features a series of site-specific interventions held outside of, or on the facade of The Substation building. Artists are invited to create murals or installations responding to the theme of A Public Square.

First launched as part of The Substation’s 2018 programme season, Cities change. People die. Everything you know goes away., FaceLift activates The Substation’s facade as a constantly evolving canvas.

In line with the thematic focus of heritage in last year’s programme, the initiative sought to preserve the building’s past marks as a response to the constant renewal and urban redevelopment of our city. FaceLift 2018 artists include Hafiz Osman, Tell Your Children, John Clang, and Boey Kim Cheng.

This year, mural artist Speak Cryptic and illustrator Pigubao were invited to respond to the overarching theme of A Public Square. Read more about their works below.




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All Good by Brenda Tan aka HelloPigu

Brenda Tan is an illustrator and creator of the Longevity Peach Bao. She documents the occurrences of her idiosyncratic character, PiguBao, injecting fun and stupidity into the everyday. This new mural work depicts a utopian garden paradise. In utter disregard for propriety in a public garden and ignoring their impending doom, the PiguBaos bask in their very own version of Shangri-La. The work is a reference to our obsession for a clean and green city, and the activities we engage in to display everyday normalcy.



Sing Along If You Know The Words by Speak Cryptic

Sing Along If You Know The Words is inspired by Speak Cryptic’s memory of The Substation and how it was (and still is) a place for people who are fans of alternative music to meet, talk, catch up, and have fun—a safe place where everyone can be themselves and not have to worry about judgement or ridicule. The mural is inspired by the mosh pit, alluding to the punk history of The Substation.